Tuesday, November 13, 2012

“Today was a GOOD day"...

Yes I'm quoting Ice Cube because today was a good day!  Why you ask, well here's why:

Highlight #1: Taught a lesson with one of my Form 3 classes (13-14 year olds).  This class is a “lively" class that was a little hard to get through to but seem to really be coming around.  So much so that they begged for me to take over the lessons every week.  I personally think they just really enjoy having someone new who happens to be a native English speaker but when I began the lesson they were quiet, attentive and participated actively.  Seeing the smiles on their faces and how their demeanor changed whenever I would compliment their work spoke eons.  It was a really good teaching moment!

Highlight #2:  There is a class that is known as the difficult class due to a few students who make it very difficult to teach period.  They are so difficult that they give even the worst of them a run for their money.  The sad part is that these girls are Form 2's so they are between 12-13 years old.  I can't even begin to imagine what they will be like as they get older, it is seriously that scary of a thought.  Well, one teacher, whom I adore working with, had them today for the 3rd lesson and was a little sad that I was not joining her for the lesson (I have to admit I was as well because I worry for her as it really works on her when the girls are completely out of control).  So with great anticipation I made my way back to the staff room, to wait for said teacher to ask her about the lesson.  To my WONDERFUL surprise, she had a huge smile on her face and said “I was able to do the entire lesson, 'C' did not say a word and 'K' actually participated, no issues, we got through the entire lesson".  Well what happened next was a moment of all moments.  The entire staff room erupted in cheers, applause, fist pumps, you name it.  All the teachers began asking her what she did, what was her secret? It was as if she was a celebrity of sorts.  She looked like she was ready to cry, sooo happy and soooo relieved.  A moment she greatly deserved and I was so happy to witness and be part of!

Highlight # 3: As a group we all got together and ordered lunch and ate as a group.  Most of us had Chinese and it was wonderful just to sit there, enjoy a good meal and good conversation.  For the first time, I really felt like I was part of the staff.  Also thought it quite hilarious that they were completely intrigued by the fact that I know how to use chopsticks.  It became staff room conversation as to how well I use them and why it is I know how to use them so well.  I'm thinking Asian cuisine is not a norm in Malta.

Highlight # 4:  2 teachers began singing Christmas Carols in Maltese and as much as other teachers asked them to stop, they kept doing it and I loved it!  I love all things Christmas, especially the spirit of the season but I just loved the silliness of it all.  They knew they were driving people crazy but did it for fun, for a good laugh, to bring some lightheartedness to the group and in the end, people had smiles on their faces and were laughing.  That's camaraderie at it's best!

Highlight #5:  Closing the day reminding one of your teachers that you are not in on Wednesdays because you teach at the University and having her tell you, and I quote: “I actually don't like Wednesdays because I have gotten so used to having you in class with me in such a short amount of time, that I have grown to enjoy having you there to work with you and bounce ideas back and forth that I miss it when I don't have a lesson with you, thank you so much for all you do, it really has been such a pleasure working with you, I enjoy it and the students enjoy it, you really have come a very long way in a very short amount of time which is not usually how it goes here" is PRICELESS.

These are the moments that really matter, the little things that just put a smile on your face or allow you to walk away feeling really good about yourself and what it is you are doing.   So yes friends today was a good day, a really good one, so good in fact, I am thinking there will only be better days to come.

Until next time!

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