Friday, December 21, 2012


After a lengthy and time consuming process, I finally got my residency permit for Malta.  When you come to Malta you are automatically given a three month permit that allows you to travel back and forth.  When you apply for the permit, you are then given a temporary permit that is good for six months, however, once you apply and your three month permit is up, you are not allowed to leave Malta as you will, naturally, not be allowed back in. So given that I leave for Paris in 9 nine days and my three month permit expired on Wednesday, you could imagine my concern.  As with most processes here, it's all about follow up.  I applied back in October and had to get the International office at the University involved to get status on the permit because as with most gov't agencies anywhere, god forbid they answer a phone.  No stress though because I have it, I'm officially a resident of Malta so life is good:-).  Merry Christmas to me and bring on Paris!

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