Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let the Good-BYES (start to) Roll...

Some shots from my 5 hour trek (hike) through Marsaxlokk and Marsascala
Well, friends I am officially down to just under a month left in paradise.  To say my time here flew by is a complete understatement.  Am I excited to head home to see family and friends  (and can't forget my dogs)?  Well, yes I am although I can honestly say I am not so eager to be back in New York.  9 months in true paradise does that to you.  This experience has helped put so much in perspective and has really opened my eyes to so many ideas and opportunities...but I will leave that for a later post.

My view along a cliffside walk...NBD...I know it is insanely beautiful:-)
This entry is more about me finding ways to properly say goodbye to all that is important to me here and believe me it is taking some work.  After ending university (I'm happy I was able to get a picture of my students), I have now (semi) closed another chapter, my time volunteering with the North Malta Girl Guides.  I say semi because of my goodbyes needing work. The one thing I did not do in saying goodbye was get a photo of my girls.  Really Kelly?!?! It had more to do with the chaos of the day but never the less I now need to find a moment to make my way to them to get a picture with them.  Yes, this is a must.  The NMGG is a group of women and students that I will truly miss.  They welcomed me with open arms, shared laughs, hugs and many stories.  I learned a lot and truly enjoyed my time with them.  My girls shed many tears and gave many hugs and asked the 2 questions I get asked virtually on a daily basis:
  •    Can you take me with you to New York? PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE
  •    Miss Kelly, you are coming back next year, right?  You have to!!!
Two questions that break my heart because of the reality of the “real" answers.  I will say though, I do believe no one should never say never so I'm just going to go with that idea for now.

I don't think I have fully accepted that my time is almost up with my secondary school girls but I am just letting that idea take it's course.  Deny, Deny, Deny! Over the last week, I have been able to really enjoy this beautiful island and I plan on continuing this for the rest of my time here.  Hey we only live once right?

So as much as I know I will be sad to leave, knowing this would eventually come to an end (for now anyway) all I can do is enjoy the rest of my time as best as possible.  I have to say, I think I'm off to a pretty good start...

Some of the many animals I got to meet along my trek;-)
I kicked off my one month mark enjoying a cliffside harbor view in Valletta of the the Malta International Fireworks Festival, which was one of the most amazing fireworks displays I've ever seen.  I followed that up by enjoying an amazing day out in the country for a hog roast lunch with a group of some really cool people and this past Saturday, I went on a non-stop 5 hour trek through the south of Malta enjoying the rugged countryside, seeing many animals, visiting a permaculture center and walking along an unbelievably beautiful cliffside, taking in some amazing ocean views.  No better way to end a day like that but with a nice dinner out!

Check out the Fireworks Grand Finale for yourselves...ENJOY!

I have more planned and am not sure how I will manage it all but I promise to share my remaining adventures as they happen.  I also have some friends visiting at the end of the month and I have to say I can't think of a better way to close out my time here than to share this beautiful island with some pretty important people in my life.  It's going to be pretty epic:-).

Some beautiful fireworks shots taken at the Malta International Fireworks Festival in Valletta
Hog Roast Lunch on a random Wednesday in the Maltese Countryside.

Jill Scott said it best “I'm Living My Life Like It's Golden" because when you are blessed with such an amazing opportunity as this whole experience has been, regardless of what happens next, I will treasure this moment in time and all whom I've met along the way, forever!

Forever Grateful!

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  1. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing about your time in Malta. I have recently been awarded a Fulbright ETA in Malta and I am trying to decide if it is the right choice for me for the upcoming year. Being able to read about your experiences is incredibly helpful!